Softwood or hardwood doors and windows?

Hardwood can generally be split into 2 kinds – Wood or Softwood

Wooden windows & doors

The term hardwood and softwood can be a little misleading as some hardwoods are soft and also some softwoods hard. Balsa wood being a deciduous angiosperm, balsa is classified as a wood despite the timber itself being extremely soft! The crucial thing to remember is that both kinds of wood have various homes, suited to various requirements in a residence. 

the distinction in between woods and softwoods lies in their cellular framework. Woods have 4 different sorts of cell which provides amazing strength, sturdiness and also stunning grains. They can be quite costly, however. Softwoods only have two different types of cells, however, are much easier to function, are more sustainable and have much better thermal retention properties. They can also be far more cost-effective.

To go further into the subject the distinction in between hardwood and softwood actually relates to just how the three replicates. All trees replicate by generating seeds, but the seed structure varies. Hardwood trees are angiosperms, plants that produce seeds with a covering. This may be a fruit, such as apples, or a thick skin, such as an acorn or walnut.

Softwoods, on the various other hand, are gymnosperms. Gymnosperms are seed-bearing vascular plants, such as yews as well as conifers, in which the seeds are not confined in an ovary. The word “gymnosperm” comes from the Greek word gymnosperms, suggesting ‘nude’ seeds. Fast growing trees like Evergreen expand seeds in difficult cones,fall under this category. In conifers like pines, these seeds are launched right into the wind once they mature. This spreads out the plant seed over a wider area.

In many cases, angiosperm trees lose their fallen leaves during the cooler winter months while gymnosperm trees maintain their fallen leaves throughout the year. So, it’s also accurate to say evergreens are softwoods and deciduous trees are hardwoods.

As we can see the hardwood/softwood terms does make some sense. Evergreens do often tend to be much less thick than deciduous trees as well as therefore easier to reduce, while many hardwoods are dense so tougher to cut. So as the category of balsa wood demonstrates, there is no minimum weight need to end up being a hardwood.These are the various kinds of timbers offered from our supplier.

Sapele – Kind Wood

Sapele windows & doors  is an extremely solid, steady as well as long lasting exotic wood that is extremely well fit to joinery manufacture. The hardwood is sourced from West Africa as well as Cameroon as well as is categorized as reasonably sturdy with a Course 3 to 4 resilience ranking. It is very eye-catching, many thanks to its dark reddish brownish look, as well as is well suited to a clear coating.


  1. No need for conservation treatment as the species’ absence of permeability makes it resistant to treatment
  2. The density/hardness is 640 kg/m2 (By comparison European Redwood is 510 kg/m2 and European Oak is 720 kg/m2.).
  3. Over 50% of our Sapele buy from our maker are Validated Development.
  4. Suited to: Heritage homes, buildings in sanctuary.

Oak Kind Hardwood

Oak windows & doorsThe typical product of option for lumber windows, oak has been used for hundreds of years in window construction. A wood with unbelievable durability and toughness, oak is suited to the heaviest of uses as well as can last a lifetime if effectively maintained. Oak wood home windows likewise have extraordinary aesthetics, thanks to the subtle looks of each tree’s grain. The ideal, traditional selection.


  1. Attractive wood grain effects for a heritage aesthetic.
  2. Extremely strong as well as durable.
  3. Long lasting.
  4. Genuine, conventional selection for home windows.
  5. Suited to: Heritage residential properties, residential or commercial properties in sanctuary, traditional aesthetic homes.

Redwood Type Softwood.

Redwood windows as well as doorsRedwood hardwood has actually a lowered moisture uptake which helps to improve weatherproofing as well as prolong the window’s working life expectancy. This makes it ideal for usage in a range of settings.

Redwood wood home windows are best if you intend to add a touch of typical beauty to a home, without jeopardizing on contemporary looks.


  1. Excellent measurement stability and resilience.
  2. Decreased dampness uptake prolonging life expectancy.
  3. Refined, modern visual.
  4. Fit to: Modern-look homes, new builds.

Accoya Kind Softwood.

Accoya home windows & doorsAccoya timber is a particularly dealt with softwood that has unbelievable buildings. The non-toxic acetylation therapy process where Accoya is dealt with, changes the mobile structure of the wood, boosting its efficiency. Accoya timber not only has an estimated life expectancy of 60 years, it likewise has outstanding thermal efficiency, appearances and also weatherproofing residential properties. It can even push back insects. Sourced sustainably, an Accoya timber home window is suited to both typical as well as contemporary homes. More info and a video discussion on this lumber can be located on our Accoya page.


  1. Incredibly resilient, with a functioning life span of 60 years and also up.
  2. Accoya is a 40% better insulator than woods.
  3. Manufacturing facility applied coatings will last much longer on Accoya.
  4. Products made from Accoya are much less most likely to misshape.

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