How to Choose a Good Teeth Whitening Company

Many individuals choose to go for professional in-office teeth whitening. In fact, whitening has become the popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world. Home-use whitening systems  incorporate low-dose bleaching agents without supervision, while professional in-office whitening takes place in vigilantly monitored conditions allowing for safe, controlled, and pain-free use of a much higher concentration of bleach which serves to yield far more significant results that are immediately visible.

While in-office bleaching is without a doubt more expensive than take-home DIY alternatives, results are predictable whereas they are not with DIY.

When looking for a company to do your teeth whitening, here are some things to look for:

  1. Professionally trained and licensed- The first thing should be fairly obvious, but unfortunately it sometimes isn’t. Always choose a dentist or a whitening company that is professionally trained and licensed. Don’t go with someone who is operating out of their apartment just because the will give you the best deal. This can without a doubt be disastrous for your looks and your health. It is always better to be safe than sorry, even if it costs a bit more, so always make sure that you check credentials before choosing a company.
  2. Payment options- Many companies will offer different payment plans, such as financing deals. It is import to ask a company if they offer any payment options that will help make the procedure more affordable, especially when this is the reason that many people do DIY (for affordability).  It never hurts to ask, some companies have sales and some insurance plans cover whitening. It’s always worth looking into.
  3. Packages- Some companies have packages that will save you money. There are some where if you can buy a certain amount at a discounted rate, or if you buy a certain number of treatments you get one free. Again, it is always worth looking into if there are any package deals that will save you money in the long run while maintaining a fabulous smile!
  4. Testimonials/ reviews- Always check testimonials and reviews. You want to find a company with good customer service and professional staff. You also want to make sure that the treatment does that you are told it does. The best way to check is by looking at testimonials and reviews. It is also important to recognise that people have a tendency to leave negative reviews when they are disgruntled and are less likely to write positive reviews when they are happy with the service… but it is always a good place to start.
  5. Guarantees- some companies offer guarantees that will provide you with a discounted treatment if the results aren’t what you were promised. Finding companies that offer some kind of guarantee is going to lead you into a win/win situation. This is because if for some reason your teeth don’t turn out you can easily get the second needed treatment.

Talk to the company and ask them what they offer and how they will serve your best interests as a patient and a client.